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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Landscape Painting Tips For Beginners

Landscape Painting Tips For Beginners

There is something quite magical about painting outdoors. I feel comfortably secluded with nature having an almost spiritual connection when I paint a landscape. Landscape painting is a passion of mine. I would like to share some tips and techniques that I have become accustomed to using over the years.

My first bit of advice - try not to get overwhelmed by the scene in front of you. I recall when I first began painting landscapes I tried to copy everything exactly as I saw it. I tried to squeeze in every detail, paint every leaf, branch, and blade of grass. You will go crazy approaching a landscape this way. Try and paint your own impression of what you see and not a copy of it. Squint your eyes and see the landscape as a series of shapes, lights and darks, as opposed to seeing every detail. You can accomplish some amazing things that you never thought were inside, if you just relax, and let the painter inside come to the surface.

Painting on location is certainly a beautiful experience, but remember that you have to paint...

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At 2:24 PM, Blogger Ruth Ann said...

I am not a painter/artist, but your idea about the borders is cool. Never thought of gluing tiles to wood. I've done the brick thing, though. And I use paving stones to add interest as ell as a pathway. Helps to have something to step on rather than dirt or plants.
There are pics of it on my blog
Let me know what you think. I like roses and also a lot of color.


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